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1) Choose your character. Once you log into your account, go to “My account” and click on “Change characters”. You now have the choice of three characters.

2) You will also need to select a level of difficulty for your child. By default, your account is set at the “standard” level (for every minute read, you advance 8 kilometres). If you have a very gifted, motivated reader, you can slow your child down so that he/she does not finish their adventure faster than what you were expecting; therefore, you can assign that student to the “advanced” level (for every minute read, you advance 4 kilometres). Also, if you have a child who has trouble reading or is unmotivated to read, you can speed up that child so his/her journey is faster (and more motivating); therefore, you can assign your child to the “beginner” level (for every minute read, you advance 12 kilometres).

3) Start reading and logging in your minutes. Grab a book from your house library or even at your local library and start reading! Don’t forget to log in your minutes on a daily basis!


Well that depends on the grade, the amount of minutes read a day and the level of difficulty. Put it this way…

→ If a child reads 20 minutes of reading per day x 180 days of instruction = 3,600 minutes which is equivalent to 60 hours of reading.
→ There are 730 hours in one month (24 hour period).
→ There are 43,800 minutes in one month.
→ There are approximately 120 hours of instruction in one month (that’s 7,200 minutes in one month), if you teach 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Now, see below…

Advanced level: 1 minute read = 4 kilometres…  it would take the student 3029 minutes to complete the journey (therefore, approximately 151 days of reading).
Standard level: 1 minute read = 8 kilometres… it would take the student 1514 minutes to complete the journey (therefore, approximately 76 days of reading).
Beginner level: 1 minute read = 12 kilometres… it would take the student 1010 minutes to complete the journey (therefore, approximately 51 days of reading).

N.B. My calculations were based on 20 minutes of reading at a time and were just to give you a general idea of what to assign your child. i.e. A child who will read for more than 20 minutes at a time, well that child can do the standard level or the advanced level. A child that is less motivated or has difficulty reading and 20 minutes is the max, well that child can do the beginner level. Keep in mind, you can change the level of difficulty throughout the year, as you wish. Another factor to think about is how long you want the program to last… assign everyone to beginner for a shorter program or assign everyone to the advanced level for a longer school year program.

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Happy reading!
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