You can raise so much money just by focusing on READING!

  • Kids focus on reading instead of selling.
  • For every dollar raised, one minute will be read!
  • Even friends or family out of town can support your reading efforts.
  • All the money and reading minutes are handled and tracked for you!


  • The students get two weeks to fundraise the money.
  • The following Monday, the class will get the total of minutes that need to be read in the following two weeks, depending on how much money they have raised.
  • As the students read on a daily basis in their classroom, the teacher logs in their minutes at the end of every day to accomplish their reading adventure goal across Canada.
  • After the two weeks of reading, a winner will be announced of which class: read the most minutes + fundraised the most money + traveled the furthest on their Canadian reading route adventure.



  • There is no cost or no obligation.
  • No products to sell.
  • Free starter pack with all of the materials ready to go.
  • Read-a-thon’s can be held at any time during the year.
  • Minimal time commitment to run the program, you log in your minutes once a day for two weeks.
  • 70% profit goes back to your school!
  • A Mind Growth Education representative will be assigned to your school to help organize and run the fundraiser! 


1. Your Group Information: We will need your group name, address, contact information, the name of your administrator and appointed Parent Advisory Council member. We will need a short description of why you’re raising money and we strongly suggest you send us a photo of your school, logo, mascot or anything else people will associate with your group.

2. A List of Your Teachers: We will need the first and last names of each teacher, how many students they have in their class and their email address.

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN MY FREE STARTER KIT? (All available in English and French)

  • Organizer Handbook: It includes instructions for running the easiest and most successful fundraiser possible such as a Read-A-Thon Timeline, Read-A-Thon Prizes, Read-A- Thon Appointed Organizer To Do List, Read-A-Thon Parent Letter, Local business sponsorphip letter, Read-A- Thon Teacher tracking form, Mind Growth Education Teacher Accounts Overview, Mind Growth Education Teacher’s Read-A-Thon Information, A fun door sign sheet for the staff to stick them on their office and classroom doors to show other classes what they are reading that day for the Read-A-Thon! and Read-A- Thon Certificates of Achievements.
  • Donation Forms: We will send each teacher personalized pledge forms. This form is to be handed out one week prior to your first reading session.
  • Posters: We will send you enough posters to promote your Read-a-thon throughout your school. Students are encouraged to colour the posters.

READY TO PROCEED? Fill out the form below.

"Read-A-Thon" Form

Q & A

Q: What happens if our class doesn’t read all of our minutes within the two weeks?

A: No problem! The winner is calculated based on which class raises the most money; therefore, if it takes you a month, it takes you a month! 🙂 The program will stay open for at least a month. Please contact me at info@mindgrowtheducation.com if you need the program to stay open for longer than a month.

Q: Why two weeks?

A: One of our main goal is to promote reading; therefore, we want students to stay motivated and enthusiastic about the “Read-A-Thon”. By experience, two weeks is plenty! But feel free to continue on for one full month.

Q: Why is incorporating the “Read Across Canada” reading log program important?

A: Children are very motivated by the “Read Across Canada” reading log program, as they are excited to see where they will end up after having read all of their minutes, and the program is a great fun way to explore Canada from a variety of perspectives: artistic, cultural, historical, geographical, political and/or economical.

Q: I’m a very busy teacher. What would be my time commitment to this fundraiser?

A: You only have two minor commitments to do: 1) Read with your class on a daily basis and 2) Sign in to your teacher account to log in your minutes once a day (preferably after school). Leave the rest to your Mind Growth Education representative!

Q: What are some great ways to make the “Read-A-Thon” a very successful fundraiser?

A: Here are some ways to make your school’s “Read-A-Thon” more appealing and boost participation are:
* Set up a photo booth with props.
* Try convincing your principal or vice-principal (or any teacher) to step out of their comfort zones to help bring in more money by taking part in a silly stunt at the end of your “Read-A-Thon”.
* Display the interactive master map on your school’s hallway tv (if you have one).
* Organize a special author appearance.
* Organize a themed family reading day (morning, afternoon or all day).
* Organize a reading corner for the two weeks that will include an easy reading-related craft like bookmark- making, etc., comfy reading spots like bean-bags, etc.
* Organize a book swap day.

Q: What are some great incentives that Mind Growth Education will offer with the “Read-A-Thon”?

A: At the beginning of the fundraiser, we send you a free starter pack with all of the materials (posters, donation forms, etc.) ready to go. During the fundraiser, we send you books or alternate class prizes to award the class that read the furthest and a small prize to award the top reader/fundraiser, as well as the class that has 100% participation in each classroom for the “Read-A-Thon”. At the end of the fundraiser, we offer a printable newsletter for your school to expose the outcome of the “Read-A-Thon”: Winning class!, Top pledger!, Prizes awarded!, Money raised!, Congratulatory message from the chief organizer (librarian, PAC, administrator, etc.), much more!

Q: Why does the “Read-A-Thon” need to be run through our school’s parent advisory council or a similar group?

A: Since Mind Growth Education is a for-profit company, we partner with non-profit organizations or parent advisory councils within schools to run the “Read-A-Thons” for tax purposes and to maximize your earnings. We offer 70% profit to get as much money to your group as possible. Donations and donation forms are collected by your organization/group after the two week fundraising deadline and are kept within your organization/group. We only require the donation forms to be sent to us via email so we can organize and get each classroom started on their reading journey. Then, the organization/group will pay a portion of the funds (30%) to Mind Growth Education to cover software subscriptions and usage of our programs. That is why Mind Growth Education assigns a representative to help with running the “read-a-thon” within your school with the appointed chief organizer! FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact us to request a starter kit with all the details necessary to run a successful “Read-A-Thon”. EASY PEASY! 🙂

Q: What if I run out of materials (donation forms, posters, bookmark templates, door signs, etc.)?

Please email your Mind Growth Education representative and we will send you more material at no charge OR download an electronic version from our online shop.