Hi teachers!

During this pandemic, parents, grand-parents, etc. are having to homeschool their family members.  Us educators should be of assistance to families that are feeling overwhelmed by offering a place where they can ask questions to educators.

My secretary and I would be in charge of delegating the questions when they arise to who’s teaching criteria fits best (per grade, subject knowledge, etc.)

This would be a volunteer-based project that would be very appreciated by families all over the nation.

Think of it like the “ask a doctor” forums… but educator style!

If you are interested, please fill out the form below.

Teacher Volunteer (Ask a teacher a question)

If you are wanting to become a member of the "Ask a teacher a question" group, please answer in the following questions!

Questions so far have been very easy (easy for an educator but hard for a person not in the education field). So I would assume it be a very easy job!

Thank you so much,
Isabelle Baril
Founder of Mind Growth Education