♥ This Fundraising Program is for non-profit organizations, sports organizations, clubs, etc. only ♥ For our “Read-A-Thon Fundraising Programs for Schools” page, please click here. ♥ For our “Birthday Read-A-Thon” Fundraising Program page, please click here.


You can raise so much money just by focusing on READING!

  • Kids focus on reading instead of selling a product.
  • For every dollar raised, one minute will be read!
  • Even friends or family out of town can support your reading efforts.
  • All the money and reading minutes are handled and tracked for you – online!
  • We offer 2 fundraising services! Our “Read-A-Thon” and “Read-A-Thon Express” fundraising programs is designed to give organizations the chance to raise money for a variety of reasons such as field trips costs, special art supplies, help cover tournament costs, etc.

An Annual Literacy Survey done in the UK, back in 2018, reports that participants who have participated in a Read-A-Thon compared to participants who had not taken part in a Read-A-Thon:

  • Enjoy reading more.
  • Are more likely to read something in their free time daily.
  • Have on average higher perceptions of their reading ability.
  • Read a wider variety of materials, such as poems, non-fiction, fiction, lyrics, text messages and websites, in their free time at least once a month.
  • Have more positive attitudes towards reading, for example they are more likely to agree that reading is cool; more likely to agree that they carry on reading even when they find it difficult; and more likely to agree that there are lots of things they want to read.
  • Are more likely to use the school library.
  • Report higher life satisfaction.
  • Click here for the survey.


1) Our “Read-A-Thon” Fundraising Program (Time commitment: 4 weeks)

2) Our “Read-A-Thon Express” Fundraising Program (Time commitment: 1 week)


Preview of the “Read Across Canada” reading log program


  • There is no cost or no obligation.
  • No products to sell.
  • No donation forms to keep track of. Everything is done online!
  • Free starter pack with all of the materials ready to go.
  • Read-A-Thon’s can be held at any time during the year.
  • A Mind Growth Education representative will be assigned to your group to help with any questions you may have.
  • Your group can choose from two different reading log programs: “Read Across Canada” or “Read Across the World“.
  • Available in both French and English.
  • Profits going back to your group vary from 75% to 80% depending on the “Rewards Program” you choose.


1. Your Group Information: We will need your group name, address, contact information, the name of the appointed organizer for the fundraiser. We will need a short description of why you’re raising money and we strongly suggest you send us a photo of your group, logo, mascot or anything else people will associate with your group.

2. A List of Your Participants: We will need each participant’s first name and first letter of their last name and their parents’ email addresses – that’s it! Our fundraising program as well as our reading log program is FOIPPA compliant. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPPA) is legislation that regulates the collection, storage, and use of personal information (regardless of how it is recorded) by public bodies. We request very basic information about participants. That information is used to create a Mind Growth Education account and a Charitable Impact or GoFundMe account for each participant. We will also send two emails telling the parent about the “Read-A-Thon” fundraising program and their child’s login information and then a second one stating how many minutes their child needs to read! Any parent can request that their child be removed from the system at any time. The names and email addresses are not used for any other purpose other than for those expressly pertaining to the specific fundraising event.

WHAT’S INCLUDED? (All available in English and French)

  • Customized Online Campaign Page via FundRazr
  • Organizer Handbook: It includes instructions and forms for running the easiest and most successful fundraiser possible!
  • Brag Tags for every participant! (Courtesy of Mind Growth Education)
  • And much more, such as the rewards (if chosen)!

READY TO PROCEED? Fill out the form below.

"Read-A-Thon" Form

Q & A

Q: How do I get started?
A: Just fill out the form above! The sign up process is that easy!

Q: What happens if the participant doesn’t read all of his or her minutes within the allocated time frame?
A: No problem! The winner is calculated based on the participant who raises the most money; therefore, if it takes you a month, it takes you a month!  The program will stay open for at least a month. Please contact us at info@mindgrowtheducation.com if you need the program to stay open for longer than a month.

Q: Why is incorporating the “Read Across Canada”or “Read Across the World” reading log program important?
A: Children are very motivated by the reading log programs, as they are excited to see where they will end up on their reading journey after having read all of their minutes, and the program is a great fun way to explore Canada or the World from a variety of perspectives: artistic, cultural, historical, geographical, political and/or economical.

Q: I’m the appointed organizer for the group and a very busy person. What would be my time commitment to this fundraiser?
A: You only have two minor commitments to do: 1) Complete all necessary paperwork to get the fundraiser going and 2) Promote reading throughout the “Read-A-Thon” to your participants. Leave the rest to us, Mind Growth Education! One more thing, if you choose the “no rewards” option, you will need to find your own prizes.

Q: Are people who don’t live locally able to donate?
A: Absolutely! Send them your group’s custom fundraising page url, and they can donate online. The donation can be given from any donor that has a credit card.

Q: Do you accept cash donations, and will I receive a tax receipt?
A: We are trying to avoid having to handle and manage cash, and would prefer to take donations through the chosen online website. Donations made to your fundraiser, rather than a charity fundraiser, are generally considered to be personal gifts and are not guaranteed to be tax-deductible. But, you can always check with a tax professional to be sure. You will not be issued a tax receipt from FundRazr nor Mind Growth Education.

Q: What books do our participants use?
A: We do not offer an online library; therefore, participants need to use books they already have at home, from their local library or even their school’s library. Many participants also read digital books and then log in their minutes in their Mind Growth Education account afterwards.