An interview with Tiffany Tsutsumi

Tiffany Tsutsumi is a stay-at-home mom of two children, a son who is 8 and a daughter who is 4. We asked Tiffany to answer some questions about raising generous children because we know Tiffany and her family very well and when it comes to generosity, caring for others, volunteering their time for various occasions, teaching their children great manners, etc., this family definitely stands out! Tiffany and her family live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

What does generosity mean to you?

Generosity is so often only associated with material gifts of financial means. Generosity to me is so much more. It is giving your time, knowledge, kindness, smiles and words of encouragement freely to everyone. 

In your opinion, when is the best time in a child’s life to start learning about generosity?

Teaching a child about generosity can start as early as toddler days. Sharing toys or snacks with friends and family or passing on a toy that you no longer use to someone who would truly enjoy it.

How do you model generosity?

Smiling at strangers as we pass by, noticing someone’s new hair style and telling them it looks nice, saving items that we have outgrown to give to others and volunteering within our community.

What are some strategies you’ve found effective for teaching your kids about caring and empathy?

Kids learn best by example so always trying to be caring and empathetic ourselves. Always making a point of talking about a situation that made them feel happy or sad and how we can make situations either happy or sad for others. Also reading books together about kindness!

Consider someone in your life today who would benefit from generosity. How can one demonstrate generosity to that person today or this week?

Helping them with daily or weekly chores, dropping off groceries and helping around the yard. Bringing by hand made cards to lift their spirits!

What are some great books to help facilitate the conversation of generosity with kids?

The Berenstain Bears – Think of Those in Need

Be kind – Pat Zietlow Miller

What is your favorite hobby? 


Tiffany’s favourite quote is: “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mohandas Gandhi

Thank you Tiffany!

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