Hey potential Mind Growth Education Brandbassador!

Sounds like a fancy title.

But it is really your opportunity to boost your social media experience, help Mind Growth Education “spread the word” and get FREE STUFF  for your family or classroom over the next year!

Are you a teacher or a parent that loves to read and travel? Mind Growth Education is looking for some good people – like you – who want to spread our #greatthingshappenwhenyouread and #greatthingshappenwhenyoutravel movements, amplify literacy and social studies awareness and be a special part of our new product launches.

As a EduTech company, our mission is to develop culturally aware, future leaders with the tools to ignite change on a global scale through social studies and literacy education (basically combining social studies and daily reading together – funnest way to become a great global citizen). We strive to provide families and teachers with the resources they need to promote literacy and social studies awareness.

Would I qualify to become a Mind Growth Education Brandbassador?

To join the Mind Growth Education Brandbassador platform and participate in missions, you will need to link all your relevant and active social media platforms (any or all of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube) to engage in our missions. Don’t worry, we will accept anyone that aligns with our values!

So, what does it mean to become a Mind Growth Education Brandbassador?

– We will launch new missions every Thursday (via an email like this and on the Mind Growth Education Brandbassador Facebook Group page).

– We have a wide variety of fun missions, from “social boost” missions to content creation missions.

– We hosts a lot of Freebie missions where Ambassadors can receive a variety of free products to show off on their social media platforms.

– We may share the best social media content on Mind Growth Education’s various social media platforms… and that could lead to potentially exposure for you as an Influencer.

How do you become a Mind Growth Education Brandbassador?

That’s easy!

> First, submit your request to join Mind Growth Education’s Brandbassador program (apply below).

> Your application is reviewed, and we take a look at your activity on social media to ensure it aligns with Mind Growth Education’s values.

> If we approve your application, you must join the Brandbassador Facebook Group and you gain access to Brandbassador missions where you earn the opportunity to get FREE products from Mind Growth Education.

What is a Mind Growth Education Brandbassador Mission?

As an example of a Mind Growth Education Brandbassador Mission, one of our current favourite missions is “Postcard Campaign”.

Actual postcard may vary

In this mission, ambassadors receive 1 free postcard or 1 free postcard per student to mail to a loved one (a great writing activity to do with your family or your students).

In exchange for the FREE product, the Brandbassador must snap a picture for an Instagram post that shows you sending the product to your selected loved one which spreads the word of the #GreatThingsHappenWhenYouTravel.




AND DEVELOP A TRUE CULTURE OF READING IN YOUR COMMUNITY – friends, students, schools and families all reading!

4 pretty good reasons to apply to become a Mind Growth Education Brandbassador.

I hope you submit your application to join our community of social media ambassadors and do some good for yourself, your friends and family, and the planet!

Thank you for reading, and filling out the application form below!


Founder and CEO of Mind Growth Education