Project Overview

If you’ve visited our website, you know that literacy and social studies are our first love. As a EduTech company, our mission is to develop culturally aware, future leaders with the tools to ignite change on a global scale through social studies and literacy education (basically combining social studies and daily reading/writing together = funnest way to become a great global citizen). We strive to provide families and teachers with the resources they need to promote literacy and social studies awareness. That being said, this project is designed for children ages 5 and up and serves as a great learning tool to help students discover the world and practice their linguistic skills. Canadian and American students are invited to design a postcard that will be sent back to our headquarters where we will make a “Ignite Change in the World Wall of Future Leaders” with all of the postcards we receive.

Postcard Submission Deadline: Monday, January 31st, 2022

It is a fun craft or mindfulness activity that also sparks reflection and creativity. Your students will need to answer to the following prompt “What do you want to say to the world?” on the blank side of the postcard. You will receive a lesson plan once you register to help you integrate this activity into your teaching.HOW TO PARTICIPATE

You must register to participate in this project. Once you have registered, you will gain access to the postcard template and detailed instructions. See the FAQs section below to learn why you must register. — Register by completing the form below!

After registering, print your postcard(s) using the template. Draw or write your answer to the prompt “What do you want to say to the world?” on the blank side of the postcard. Fill out the fields on the other side of the postcard and add a stamp.

Your students will send their postcards back to our headquarters where we will add their postcards to our “Ignite Change in the World – Wall of Future Leaders” with all of the postcards we receive. Please note: You may send them as one package and not individually if you prefer.

Upon receiving the class set of postcards, each class will receive in return a year subscription to our “Home” Mind Growth Education “Read Across the World” reading log program.

Participate with your class, school, or community group!


Q: Why do we need to register?
A: Our company wants to know that our projects are reaching youth. By registering, you are helping to ensure we can continue to bring you free activities like this.

Q: Is there a deadline to submit postcards?
A: Yes. Please send your Postcards before or by Monday, January 31st, 2022.

Q: Shipping logistics are a barrier to my groups’ participation. Can I still participate?
A: We might be able to help you. Please contact to discuss your situation.

Q: Who can participate in the project?
A: Any class, school or community group within Canada and the United States of America.

Q: My students are learning at home. Can my class still participate in the project?
A: Yes, students learning virtually or those who are being homeschooled can participate in the project. If you are not sure how to implement the project with your virtual classroom, contact

Q: What are the Rules and Regulations?
A: The recommended postcard size is 90 × 140 mm (3.6 × 5.6 inches). Please use a thick paper, such as cardstock to print your postcards. The maximum size is 114.3 × 152.4 mm (4.5 × 6 inches).
* All mail is subject to Mind Growth Education’s Privacy Policy.
* The Postcard Project content reflects the views and opinions of the author and does not reflect the position of Mind Growth Education. Mail sent to Mind Growth Education shall contain no inappropriate, immoral, illegal, or otherwise unacceptable imagery, text, or other subject matter.
* We have no obligation to use a student’s postcard for our project if deemed unacceptable. The outcome of our Postcard Project “”Ignite Change in the World Wall of Future Leaders” will be shown online at a date and time selected by Mind Growth Education.

Q: What’s in it for us? 
A: Well it aside from the fact that this project ignites reflection and creativity, integrating social studies and writing, we are offering all participating classes (or homeschooling families) a year subscription to our Home Mind Growth Education “Read Across the World” reading log program (one account for the whole class). For more information about our reading log program, please check out our website at