Home Reading Program
How It Works

Students record the number of minutes they’ve read at home or in their classroom on a daily basis by signing into their Mind Growth Education account. The program automatically converts your minutes into kilometres and advances you on your adventure across Canada or the World. You also can earn printable badges as you advance on your reading adventure! One badge per province or territory or every few countries! You’ll need to read lots to uncover where they are! (For more information about the badges, click here).

The Canadian program: The distance is calculated from province to province, through various towns and cities, to form a route that spans from Victoria, British Columbia, through every province in the lower part of Canada and back again, through the higher part of Canada, which ends in Whitehorse, Yukon.

The World program: The distance is calculated from country to country to form a route that spans from Canada through various countries making your way down the eastern hemisphere and back up again, through the western hemisphere, which ends in the United States of America.

Please note: We do not offer digital books, we solely offer a reading log program.

Parents: Check out the blog post “What to do after I sign up? for Home membership subscribers” for a step-by-step guide on what to do once you have registered your child!

Teachers, librarians, tutors, etc.: Check out the blog post “What to do after I sign up? for Teachers and Classrooms subscribers” for a step-by-step guide on what to do once you have registered all of your students!

Got more questions? Please refer to our FAQ blog post!

Home Reading Program
Fun Facts!

It usually takes a good month to cross a province for the average reader. The students are always visually motivated by the map. When a student does get all the way around, they can restart the race until their year subscription runs out.

This program emphasizes so much more than reading. It teaches them the provinces and territories of Canada, or all of the countries of the World as well as other important geographic aspects. And obviously, it is one way to keep reading fun and motivating all year long!

How it works
Simple steps of how to use the program
Step 1

Grab any book, any magazine, any e-book, etc. or something assigned by your teacher. Read a page, a chapter, or the whole entire book in one day.

Step 2

Log into your Mind Growth Education account. Type in your book title, the minutes you’ve read, & a summary of the book, the chapters or pages you’ve read, or answer questions you’ve been assigned.

Step 3

See your progress on your adventure map as your character moves across the country. Then, restart all the steps the next day!

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