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Kids Travel Journal – Vancouver Island Edition


Great Things Happen When You Travel!

Are you looking for the best kid friendly travel journal for your next family trip? We’ve got your kids covered!

We are committed to providing all children with the opportunity to learn locally but think globally. We are passionate about global learning and proudly create products that integrate global and literary content, which in turn, develop culturally aware, future leaders with the tools to ignite change on a global scale.

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This travel journal is designed for children that go on a vacation on Vancouver Island. Keeping a travel journal is not just a great way to remember the details of their trip, but it also captures those precious memories which you can present to your friends or classmates afterwards. It is an excellent way to practice writing, reading, reflecting and drawing, as well as keep the kiddos entertained during the inevitable travel downtime. The child has the option of writing or drawing about something they learned to keep track of all the amazing things that are exposed to them while traveling like facts about a place or culture they visited, or a new word in a new language. *Front cover and postcard photographs taken by local photographer, Ashley Cowan from Blacktail Photography.

Notes: Booklet, 5 x 7, 24 pages including cover, includes one (1) Free Mind Growth Education Vancouver Island Edition Postcard and one (1) Free Standard Vinyl Logo Adventure Sticker.







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