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Sick Kids Foundation Read-A-Thon



  • Upon registering (making the registration fee payment) for a “Sick Kids Foundation Read-A-Thon” event, the family of the participant will receive a digital participant information handbook via email shortly afterwards.
  • For the first two weeks of the event: The participant and his/her family members will gather donations using their own online fundraising campaign page to raise funds for the Sick Kids Foundation. If you haven’t done so already, please click on “Additional Information” tab below to set up your online fundraising campaign page.
  • After the first two weeks of fundraising: The participant will receive via email which will have your login information for your reading log program as well as how many minutes you are to read for the duration of reading part of the event after the fundraising part of the event is over. The “Read-A-Thon” part of the event does not need to start the following day. It can start whenever your family has the time and is ready to read!
  • During the following month: The participant begins reading and logs in his/her minutes in their Mind Growth Education’s reading log program account until they’ve reached their reading goal!


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PLEASE NOTE: Before paying for the registration fee, please fill out the following form (not doing so may prevent you from using our programs as the information in the form is required).

Additional information

Time commitment:

Fundraise for two weeks and then you get one month to reach your reading goal at your own pace. (i.e. Your goal could be to read 100 minutes (100 dollars), 200 minutes (200 dollars) or 500 minutes (500 dollars) — the main thing is to challenge yourself or your family and have some fun!)

What's included by participating in this Read-A-Thon Event?

– Access to a Mind Growth Education reading log program (choice of two programs: “Read Across Canada” or “Read Across the World”) for one month (available in English and French)
– Your own Fundraising Campaign Page for two weeks
– One Mind Growth Education brag tag
– One Mind Growth Education Digital Certificate of Achievement (available in English and French)
– One Sick Kids Foundation pin
– One Sick Kids Foundation sticker
– A Thank You letter (available in English and French)
– Tons of fun!


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