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Travel Postcards 5-Pack (World Edition)


FREE downloadable “Travel Postcard Writing Activity Booklet”

6 reasons to send postcards when you travel

1. Postcards make the best souvenir
2. Everyone loves getting something in the mail
3. Sometimes it’s the best way to keep in touch with family and friends
4. Postcards inspire us to travel more
5. You can post them on your wall or in a scrapbook
6. They’re recyclable

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  • Postcard set: Includes 5 identical postcards with breathtaking photos from around the world on the front and pre-printed with horizontal address lines and a stamp box on the back.
  • Blank space: Contains a blank space to include your custom message.
  • Superior quality: Each card is printed on high-quality premium paper (300 gsm) that is both elegant and extra durable. No envelopes included.
  • Bulk supply: Ensure you always have postcards on hand when you travel throughout the year.
  • Educational: Lots of fun for your whole family! Don’t forget to download your free “Travel Postcard Writing Activity Booklet” once you’ve purchased the Travel Postcards 5-Pack!
  • Dimensions: Each card measures 4 x 6 inches.


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